Jeff Chow

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Jeff Chow


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Jeff has been working in video production for over 10 years, starting with shooting and editing homecoming videos for his high school’s AV Club. From there, he went on to pursue video editing during his undergrad while working at a local TV station. Since then, Jeff has gone on to work with many companies on short-form video projects. Recently, he received a masters degree in communications and has become more focused on documentary-style storytelling.


  • Star Wars, a New Hope

  • The Fifth Element

  • Baby Driver

  • Cabin in the Woods

  • Snatch

  • The Princess Bride


  • Loves board games and painting miniatures.

  • Has three cats who ruthlessly bite you until they get fed in the morning.

  • Possibly addicted to the gym.

  • Drinks an unhealthy amount of coffee.