The Les Turner ALS Foundation: Hope Through Caring
Nonprofit Video

After collaborating on a very successful outreach video for their Walk for Life event, the Les Turner ALS Foundation once again joined forces with Motion Source, this time to produce a fundraising video to be used at their “Hope Through Caring Gala”. Whereas our initial video for the foundation focused exclusively on the power of juxtaposed visuals between a healthy individual and an individual with ALS; the approach to this video was to craft a docu-style tapestry of stories from 3 different families affected by ALS.

Truth be told, this was one of the most difficult, yet rewarding, production experiences that we have ever had. The stories themselves, while heart-wrenching, were lined with so much hope that we couldn't help but be utterly inspired. The strength of these individuals and families was humbling, and left a profound impact on our entire studio.

DIRECTORS: Hunter Kallenbach + Brian Ernst   PRODUCER: Michelle Maslanka