Product Videos

Barlok is a revolutionary new RGB LED modular bar system designed by our good friends over at Event Equipment Sales. EES came to us knowing that they had a special product, and we wanted to deliver a video that very simply, yet very boldly, communicated this to potential buyers. Therefore, we pitched them the idea of filming the product in our beautiful Brookfield, Illinois studio, located just outside of Chicago. Our studio contains a large white cyclorama wall, which was the perfect platform upon which to showcase this innovative bar. Over a single day of filming, we were capable of capturing, not only a sleek product tutorial for Barlok, but two additional tutorials for EES’ portable dance floor products.

Once the footage was brought into our editing bay, and the pieces laid into place, we began work on the video’s graphical content. With an instructional video, it’s very important that the graphics are clear and legible, without sacrificing style. One of our motion graphics artists got right to work with these stipulations in mind, and turned out an appealing series of callouts that are easy to read and pretty to look at. With the live-action video and motion call-outs slotted together, this video succeeds as a fantastic example of a stylish, straight-forward selling tool.