Product Video

Few things are cooler than a simple tool that can be stored in your pocket, but is capable of everything from fixing your bicycle, to working on your engine, to opening up a cold one afterwards! Well, it exists and it’s called the BitBar. The BitBar is the brainchild of the fellas over at Big Idea Design, who are no strangers to developing the sorts of practical products you’ve always wished someone would just get around to designing already! Big Idea's inventions are a beautiful combination of utilitarianism and sleekness, which, fittingly, was the approach that we took toward producing a promotional video for the BitBar.

This video is excellent evidence of what a small crew for a single day in our studio can yield. While we love tackling expansive projects with robust crews and multiple days of filming, not every job entails this. For BitBar it was simple: deliver a straight-forward, polished piece that showcases the impressive functionality of the product. And, we like to think that we did just that!