Resurrection Mary meets The Last Vegas!
June 24, 2013
By john scaletta • President

Motion Source was commissioned to head up another music video project for the Chicago based band The Last Vegas for one of their new songs; "She's My Confusion" prior to their European Tour this summer. After the last music video Motion Source created for the band was named 6th best video of the year in the United Kingdom, drummer Nate Arling called the studio and asked if our team was up for another go at it. 


The concept for the video revolves around one of the Chicagoland's most famous ghost stories: Resurrection Mary. The story goes that Mary was at the Willow Brook Ballroom at a party in the 1930's, where she got in an argument with a male companion. She then fled the ballroom, into the bitter winter night, and was hit by a car while running down the road. Now it is said that driver's on Archer Avenue often see a "woman in white" heading to the ballroom who they pick up, only to have her vanish. The driver is confused as he has stepped into a liminal space between "now" and "then" with flashes of 1930's ghosts past.