Motion Source Marketing Initiative: Video Brochures & Postcards
April 20, 2018
By Michelle Maslanka • Producer

Following the launch of the new Motion Source website, we released our next major marketing initiative: a wave of 150+ custom video brochures! These beautifully designed products were loaded with a :30 reel and delivered to businesses and creative agencies throughout the Chicagoland area. Shortly after, we followed up with a one-two punch of postcards to round out this knockout marketing combination. Learn more about these products, our strategy, and the execution of these projects!

We are in the business of video production, so when it comes to marketing, we stand by video. And when it comes to our own marketing, we rely even more so on this medium and its effectiveness. As creatives and marketers, we are always looking to make an impact and push the boundaries. Video brochures became the brainchild of these desires.

Video brochures offer a more immersive experience than watching a video or reviewing a standard product brochure alone. The combination of visual, auditory, and tactile elements demands the attention of the audience as three senses are now engaged--it doesn’t seem they have figured out how to incorporate smell or taste yet, but I am sure this is in the works!

Our first initiative following the website launch needed to check a few boxes:

  1. Name, brand, and service awareness and recognition

  2. Make an impact - Stand out!

  3. Convey quality and creativity

First and foremost, we wanted to get our name out there. While Motion Source has been in business for 11+ years, we want to continuously create new connections and cultivate existing ones. When prospective clients think “video production”, we want them to think Motion Source.

Customizing the video brochure itself was a key part of the project. Incorporating the Motion Source logo and design elements created a true-to-brand piece.

With our name in front of them, we set out to make an impact with what we do best: video. The brochure itself was sure to stand out from bills and junk mail, but what was on the inside was just as important. With an intentionally-crafted :30 reel, we were able to deliver high-level information in a concise and fun visual manner. We know that the industry professionals we want to connect with are busy people, and time really is money, so, we cut the crap, and got straight to some key points: who we are, what we do, and who we work with.

Immediately following the delivery of the brochures, we turned our attention to our follow-up initiative: postcards. The brochures were the main act, if you will, so the role of the postcard roll-out was more so to keep our name in front of the same audience. Two postcards, sent out roughly a month apart, were designed like storyboards transitioning to actual video stills, with the tagline “Let us turn your ideas into reality.” Creative marketing comes to life in this clever and contained approach that pairs a direct message with real-world proof.

Remember: You can’t have a video brochure without the video. If you are going to put in the time and money on this type of initiative, make sure the main attraction (the video!) is the star. Contact us for more information on the brochures or postcards; we are happy to share our experience and process.