End-of-the-year Video Project Ideas
September 21, 2018
By Michelle Maslanka • Producer

“End of the year? But it’s ONLY September!” The calendar year clock is ticking down, and soon we will be entering Q4. This IS the time to think about end-of-the-year videos, and we have a few ideas to help you get started!

Year in Review Video

A year in review video is the perfect way to reflect on a company’s work from the past 12 months. Not only can you share this with external audiences like clients and industry partners, but it is also a great opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate internally the accomplishments of your team. Companies can evaluate KPIs, report on sales/growth, and highlight industry recognition and awards, all in one neat little package. Digital elements like news coverage clips, media placements, and graphics to represent stats can be added.

Holiday Video (Happy Holidays/New Year)

A digital take on the tradition of sending cards, a holiday video can be e-mailed directly to the inboxes of those on your receiving list. A video card provides a platform to personalize greetings and add in company personality, features that can be limited with a standard card. Every year, we release our own holiday video card as a way to share season’s greetings with clients, partners, friends, and family. These have taken all shapes and sizes, and are always fun to create together as a team.

“Thank you” Client Appreciation Video

Everyone likes to feel appreciated. A “thank you” video is a way to let your clients know that you are grateful for their business and looking forward to working with them the following year. This video could also be adjusted to double as a “welcome” video for new clients as well. If you decide to go the year in review or holiday video route instead, you could always include an appreciation element too!

Year in Review/Holiday Video Hybrid

Speaking of combining ideas, a year in review could take a holiday theme, and now you have a hybrid video that wraps up the accomplishments of the year while also wishing happy holidays.

These end-of-the year videos can be simple and straightforward, but can go a long way with your clients and your own team. They offer a creative way to use those leftover marketing budgets that could springboard into new business for the next year.