4 Myths about Video Production
September 11, 2014
By john scaletta • President

Myth #1: I need to write a script for my video.

Fact: In some cases a script is actually the opposite of what we recommend to our clients. An
“off the cuff” interview allows for a more genuine response and in the end a more genuine video. We recommend that our client brings an outline of what topics they want the video to be about and our team will capture stories that can cover their messages.


You can use video to establish a relationship with viewers; a human connection. In most cases we are using the video to establish more trust with our viewers and potential future customers. When watching a video, you are more likely to establish a human connection with someone who is being genuine than with a scripted response that feels forced or faked. 

Think about the power of customer testimonials and why they work. Viewers like to hear from real people, not scripts!

Myth #2: I need a large budget for a video production.

Fact:  It’s just not true anymore! Years ago a video production was a major budget-bursting operation but modern technology has given us many affordable solutions. We can work within almost any budget to produce an effective video.

First, you have to establish what the goal of the video is. Do you want to increase sales or brand awareness? Are you trying to educate or train viewers about your topic? Or maybe you’re trying to raise money for a cause.  We will then work with you to find a video solution that fits your budget and accomplishes your goal.

Myth #3: I need a storefront or beautiful offices to make a great video.


Fact: There are ways around all of this; from creative solutions to smarter solutions. We work with our clients to find a solution that works best for them. If you do have a physical location for your organization we can come to your location and set the camera angles and background to make your location look much more beautiful than it actually is.

However, sometimes a smarter solution is to choose a location away from your place of business, such as our studio. In our studio we can put you on a white or black backdrop, a green screen and even build a set. We can make your message more focused and better control every aspect of the production. Also in most cases, it’s more budget friendly to come into our studio.   

Myth #4: I can’t change my video after it’s been completed.

Fact: A video can always be edited and adjusted. Sometimes our clients will contact us requesting an old video be updated or even to cut a new video out of old footage. An example might be if the business has added another location since the video was first made, and now the voiceover needs to say “10 locations” instead of “9 locations.” This is an easy fix that can be made with a little creative editing. Larger changes, such as replacing an interview from a previous employee, can be made as well.

Sometimes our clients want to take a 5 minute video, which they use on their website, and edit it down to a 30 second commercial or sizzle reel.  All revision requests can be accomplished and most of the time we can just use creative editing techniques to do it. By avoiding having to go back out into the field to shoot more footage we can keep revision costs low for our clients.