Behind the Scenes: Motion Source Holiday Video Card
December 29, 2014
By Chris Pagoria • Marketing Manager

For the 2014 holiday season we decided to make a video card instead of a traditional holiday paper card or stagnate e-card. If you didn't get a chance to see it, check out the video below. 

The holiday video card makes perfect sense for us at Motion Source, after all we are a video production company. But this concept can be tied to all types of businesses and organizations. This year we received holiday video cards from a food stylist we have worked with in the past and from a tent rental company we know. A video card takes your holiday greeting to the next level and allows for your organization to stand out from the pack. Your greeting is not just another paper holiday card that one employee looks at and then sets on a shelf with all "the others." Your video card is dynamic with audio and visual elements; it could include graphics or photos or employees. Your video card makes it easy for your contacts to share the card with their entire organization and network. The holiday video card gives you the opportunity to add another valuable piece of video content to your website, another post for social media and can even be turned into a blog post like we are doing here. 

As far as the set-up for this video shoot goes it was pretty simple. We paid tribute to the Peanuts gang with a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree and used the leg lamp movie memorabilia from The Christmas Story holiday classic movie. We used one camera on a rolling dolly cart with an extra long dolly track, with a series of light changes to slowly reveal each part of the scene. The entire video was shot in one take with team management and directing coming from the camera operator, Creative Director Craig Bass, as he rolled down the track. 

Here are a few behind the scenes shots from the shoot which took place in our new production studio.