Bonus Entry - One More Way to Use Your Video
November 14, 2014
By Chris Pagoria • Marketing Manager

Our team here at Motion Source wrote an e-Book titled 30 Ways to Use One Video. The idea is to try and find ways to get the most “mileage” out of your video and the maximum return on your marketing investment.  Our e-Book includes what we believe to be the top 30 ideas that are relevant to our clients but we’re always finding new ways to use the same video; and then we pass this information along to our clients. This blog post will detail a new bonus entry to the list. Entry #31: Post Your Video to Industry Specific Websites. 

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#31 Post Your Video to Industry Specific Websites

By, Chris Pagoria • Marketing Manager

We recently came up with an idea for one of our clients to post their video on an Industry Specific Website related to their line of work. The client is a food product manufacturer that was making a “product video.” They featured a chef using their product in a recipe and showed the chef cooking the recipe from start to finish. They had plans to use the video on their website and feature it in commercial and promotional campaigns.  We encouraged the client to check out our list of 30 Ways to Use One Video and expand its uses. We also suggested that they take their video to recipe websites.

Recipe websites seemed like a perfect fit for their video. Our client’s target market, being at-home chefs, visit recipe websites more frequently than a food manufacturer’s direct website. By posting the videos to recipe websites, the audience would be essentially coming to them.

Here is the video we produced!


We feel that this idea can be applied to all of our clients. Today, every industry has industry related websites and with embedding codes almost any website can become video player enabled.

Think about it…

bonus entry 1.png

The list can go on and on. Essentially just find out where your end customers are going online and make sure your video is there. It is important to make sure your video is still relevant to the website content. For example, if customers in your hair salon are frequent visitors to a local nail salon forum online. Your video might not be exactly relevant. You have to weigh the pros and cons of relevancy vs bombardment. Experienced online surfers can sniff out a spam plugged video, so be relevant and it will be worth your time.  

For 30 other ideas of where you can post your new video Contact Us for free copy of our e-Book: 30 Ways to Use One Video.