Client Profile + Behind the Scenes: Kocsis Technologies, Inc.
May 27, 2016
By Michelle Maslanka • Producer

Kocsis Technologies, Inc. first contacted us back in November 2014. At that time, they were looking to complete a rebrand initiative with a new logo, refreshed website, and updated marketing collateral, which was to include a video. After an initial meeting and creative collaboration session, KTI opted to revisit the project in a year, when they would be able to focus their efforts specifically on the video aspect. Fast forward to January 2016, where the two teams met again to begin the project, full-steam ahead.


KTI was adamant from the beginning: this video needed to be a game-changer. They understood the potential marketing power attached to a professionally-produced, modernized video. And when you work in the engineering and manufacturing of accumulators and hydraulic starters industry, you need impressive footage to live up to your already impressive state of the art facility, as well as the ability to showcase the magnitude of your capabilities. So, we did just that.


Over the course of two production days, we captured footage throughout the different departments, from engineering to machining, to inspection and assembly, to painting, delivery, and beyond. With a combination of focused shots and a cinematic approach, the footage was interwoven to guide the audience through the process in an engaging manner. But this was just the beginning.


To take this video to the next level, we knew that integrated graphics and an epic soundtrack were key ingredients, which is why these items were already in motion prior to any production. Each graphic, boasting the KTI colors, was intentionally fused into specific scenes, with its movement mimicking the action occurring in the shot. The music track became the driving momentum of the video, constructing the overall pace and allowing for creative choices in the edit. We were also able to utilize diegetic sound (actual sound) from select machines during the dips in music to add authenticity to the musical accompaniment.

KTI’s reaction to the final video, and overall project, was exactly what we had worked so diligently for: “We had a vision of what our corporate video should be, so we discussed this with the staff at Motion Source. They took that vision, developed a very detailed plan of attack and feverishly executed that plan until we were absolutely satisfied. We are so excited to show all of our existing customers as well as new prospective customers!”

The tagline at the conclusion of the video reads “We can handle the pressure,” fitting for KTI’s line of work. Based on the feedback of the video, it sounds like the same can be said for Motion Source.