Client Profile + Behind the Scenes: My Green Mattress
June 16, 2017
By Michelle Maslanka • Producer

We learned there was a lot more to My Green Mattress than just mattresses. Family is at the heart of this company; in fact, it was owner Tim Master’s daughter who served as the inspiration behind the all-natural line. We witnessed firsthand the attention that goes into these products, each handcrafted with genuine passion, and we showcase that care in their recently-released web commercial.

The concept: an emotionally compelling and visually artistic juxtaposition of the creation of the mattress in the workshop with the use of the mattress in the home. The contrast in the locations but the consistency of the care between both creates a heartwarming, unified message, with the goal: to leave the viewer knowing "it matters to us because it matters to you."

We never realized just how much went into making a mattress, at least one that is all-natural. After our two-day production, we all had a deeper appreciation for their craftsmanship and passion.

Creative Director, Craig Bass, provided his insight on the project:

"I am very grateful to My Green Mattress for letting us tell a story about their product, rather than opting for a more traditional, straightforward approach. And, in the end, I feel that it is this story that really encapsulates the essence of what they have to offer. Brands are often hesitant to attempt a new method of marketing communication, but the benefits can be manifold. And, more than anything, this is really where we excel; which is what made this project such a pleasure."

Jeff Bruninga, who was both on the crew for production and the editor on the project, told me about his experience with the edit:

“The My Green Mattress edit was fun to work on. The footage was clean and pretty but the clips themselves flowed together fairly seamlessly. What I like most about it is that it blends, what I consider, a classic commercial feel in the factory with a more modern, clean look with the family. Plus, there is a puppy."

Oops, spoiler alert: Yes, there is a puppy! You can see his cameo when you dive into the story that is My Green Mattress in the commercial below.

In my last blog article, "Repurpose Your Video Content With Purpose," I described three ways to make the most out of your footage, two being "Repackage" and "Redistribute," which we executed on this project. From the main commercial, we created three shorter social media spots.  See below for one of the spots, "Unroll & Unwind."

Now that you have seen the final product, check out some of theses behind-the-scenes photos!