Medical Video Productions in Chicago
August 19, 2014
By john scaletta • President

Create a Video for Your Medical Business in Chicago            

At Motion Source we have a wide variety of clients, including several in the medical industry. In the past we have worked with dentists, medical software companies, medical device manufactures and medical research organizations.  

We created a series of videos for local Chicago dental office Always There Dental Care; including a company profile video and customer testimonial videos. The company profile video featured both dentists at the office and one staff member talking about who they are, what they do and what makes ATDC different from other dentists. The customer testimonial videos have become a powerful marketing tool for ATDC because they work on the theory of social proof.

Social proof is a concept that explains: how people think that the behavior of others is the perceived “correct behavior.” In short, if you see on Facebook that one of your friends saw the newest big box office movie, you will start to associate seeing that movie as the “correct behavior.” Even if your friend does not explicitly endorse the film, you will still start to perceive your friend’s action as a recommendation. It is this social influence from “people like me” that can encourage someone to pursue a new product or service. There is a reason why product and service review based websites, such as Amazon and Yelp, have become so popular.

In the case of ATDC the client testimonials provide prospects with stories from real ATDC clients about the experiences they have had at the office. The dentist’s office can be an overwhelming and teeth grinding experience for some people, so hearing the positive stories from other clients can really calm prospect's fears. And for those prospects that don't have dentist office anxiety, a customer testimonial video will provide them with the assurance that they are making the right choice in choosing a particular dentist. Using video for customer testimonial pieces is particularly effective because video allows for a more human connection; by using sounds and sights. By hearing directly from other customers, and not from paid actors, viewers will experience a better sense of reliability and the genuine responses will provide assurance to your audience.

These client testimonial videos can be applied to any medical or health care industry based business. With health care, people want to know that they are going to be properly taken care of. A customer testimonial video can provide prospects with that assurance. 

You can click here to view a case study about our client Always There Dental Care and how they are using video in their dental business. 

At Motion Source we do more than just customer testimonial videos for the medical industry. In the past we have created company profile videos, product videos for the medical industry, healthcare outreach and advocacy videos, and facilitated in the creation of education videos on medical topics. The range of video types for the medical industry is far-reaching and constantly expanding. Video allows for so much more detail to be included than just a written description of something. A video can be used to introduce a doctor to a prospective new patient or for medical device manufacturers to send off product videos to new leads and existing clients. 

The real power of video is in its inherent ability to capture stories and be repayable over and over again from anywhere in the world. Video creates a medium for expressing emotion, passion and trust on screen.