Movie Recommendations from Motion Source!
December 23, 2015
By Sara Costello • Assistant Project Manager

The holidays are coming, which means you'll have time to kick back, relax, and watch....something. But how to choose? Don't worry, the Motion Source team has you covered. We've come up with some great recommendations from our staff of movies to keep you busy on your holiday break!

Craig recommends: Ex Machina

"An interesting little thriller that deals with some big philosophical questions. Intriguing and heartbreaking, it'll be sure to spark a debate."


John recommends: Searching for Sugar Man

"It's hard to believe it's true, and it will certainly never happen again."


Michelle recommends: Hector and the Search for Happiness

"It's a feel-good movie that takes you on an emotional roller coaster, but will leave you with a smile!"


Libby recommends: Hook

"I love Robin Williams, and it's an interesting take on Peter Pan and the human imagination."


Sara recommends: Chocolat

"It's a bittersweet tale of embracing change and forgiveness, along with some delicious-looking sweets and an Irish Johnny Depp. What more could you ask for?"


Hunter recommends: It Follows 

"This thriller is a new take on a familiar concept." 


Brian recommends: Inside Out

"What would happen if your feelings had feelings? It's a good time of the year to find out." 


Jeff recommends: Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

"It's a good movie. Just watch it."


Andy recommends: Ida

"I'm a fan of great cinematography, and I love how every shot is framed as if it were a photograph." 

Corey recommends: When Harry Met Sally 

"The dialogue is on point and very poetic. It's a true love story."


Let us know if you take us up any of our recommendations! Happy watching!