Video Project for Runner’s World
April 21, 2014
By craig bass • Creative Director

Capturing the story of Ballet Dancer Fabrice Calmels

When Runner’s World first contacted Motion Source Video Production we expected to be shooting a running event or, at a minimum, footage of athletes running. Then we learned about their video series “I’m a Runner.” The series features actors, celebrities, stage performers, and even some athletes that are running hobbyists away from their professional work. The interviews feature stories about how the subjects have incorporated running into their usual routines and their history with running as a hobby.

Runner’s World called on the team here at Motion Source to capture footage of Fabrice Calmels; famed ballet dancer at the Joffrey Ballet in Chicago, Illinois. Our team visited the Joffrey Ballet’s rehearsal space to capture an interview with Fabrice and b-roll footage of him dancing.

Fabrice’s story in running is a unique one.

In the interview, Fabrice describes how his real start in running was when a friend encouraged him to come along for a run one morning in Chicago. Not being a usual runner, Fabrice laced up his tennis shoes and hit the pavement. 20 miles later Fabrice was amazed at how exhausted he was. He describes how his workout routine in ballet is very strenuous, but running takes a lot more out of him. Fabrice also describes the parallels he sees between running and ballet.

Director of Photography Andy Hoffman (right) and Ballet Dancer Fabrice Calmels (left)

Director of Photography Andy Hoffman (right) and Ballet Dancer Fabrice Calmels (left)

The videography team at Motion Source made sure they captured b-roll footage that would showcase both the beauty of ballet and also the strenuous workouts. The video team was quite impressed by Fabrice’s athleticism and finesse; and it showed up great on video. Motion Source captured a full-length interview with Fabrice and b-roll footage of the entire Joffrey Ballet rehearsal.

Director of Photography for the project was Motion Source’s own Andy Hoffman. Hoffman said of the shooting experience “Fabrice was a great interviewee, he was very accommodating and easy to work with.” However, Hoffman did note that the shooting space itself was not as friendly. The space was made up of one full wall of mirrors and an opposite wall full of windows. “We had to creatively place the cameras where we could catch Fabrice in frame with good lighting while not seeing ourselves in the mirrors, and while also not interrupting their rehearsals.” Overall the shots came out great!

You can see the final video by clicking here.