Fibre Box Association
Corporate Video

The Fibre Box Association came to Motion Source with a desire to create a 75th anniversary video. While they were no stranger to producing videos for previous anniversaries, they wanted to do something extra special with this one. Originally founded in Chicago, it was only fitting that their meeting was to be held in their hometown for this monumental occasion. We pitched them the out-of-the-box idea of constructing a Chicago skyline out of corrugated materials, and they loved it! We then partnered with a local artist who led the design and construction. A single day of production on location at a package design lab, and two additional days of production in our studio, produced the video that you see here.

This style of a metaphor video, with a relevant theme at the center, is a perfect formula for video success. It allows the audience to follow an engaging storyline with complementary visuals. The steady momentum builds to an unexpected reveal once the first box is placed, and the audience is finally clued in to what the team had been designing throughout the video to that point. We certainly will never look at cardboard boxes and corrugated materials the same way again!

DIRECTOR: Craig Bass     PRODUCER: Michelle Maslanka     EDITOR: Hunter Kallenbach