Product Videos

Wistron Corporation, a developer and manufacturer of technology products, desperately needed a video that introduced interested parties to who they are and what they do. Motion Source was an ideal partner, as we have produced a large and varied volume of corporate profile work throughout the years. We eagerly got to work with Wistron on developing a video that would showcase the depth of their cutting-edge technology.

While many of our videos feature interviews with client representatives, due to the specific informational requirements of this project, it was decided that a voice-over would be a superior option. This allowed for the crafting of a very intentional script that would hit on all of the necessary key points, while adhering to a strict duration. Interviews are great to humanize a brand or organization, but voice-over is a much more intentional approach to messaging. And, this is what Wistron was seeking out: a concise, intentionally-worded presentation on their service offering and technological capabilities.