Craig Bass


Craig Bass

Creative Director

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Due to a deep desire to tell people's stories, Craig started his career as an independent documentary filmmaker. This led him across the nation, and around the globe, from Europe to Japan, always seeking to capture the essence of the story. After crossing paths with John Scaletta, the two decided to formulate Motion Source, and try their hands at a new breed of marketing video: one that was as stylish and cinematic as it was effective and focused on the client's needs. Currently, as at all times, Craig is working on a slew of passion projects: a handful of music videos, a short film, and a story for a comic anthology.


  • Hamlet (1996)

  • Singin’ In The Rain

  • Chunking Express (Hong Kong)

  • The Good The Bad The Weird (Korea)

  • Ugetsu (Japan)

  • The Lord of the Rings Trilogy


  • Growing up, his family raised champion show dogs.

  • Addicted to that delicious sparkling water with a hint of natural flavor, La Croix.

  • Dreams of one day retiring to the Shire.

  • Has an extreme, borderline obsessive, love of Asian films.