Darvin Furniture

What do you get when you mix furniture sales and a safari adventure? Three 30-second commercial spots for Darvin Furniture’s Clearance and Outlet Center! The 35,000 square foot showroom was our backdrop for the three television commercials, each with its own safari-themed script, playing off of Darvin’s “bargain hunters” catchphrase.

In collaboration with Darvin’s advertising agency, the production was staffed by Motion Source crew, including Director of Photography, camera operators, audio technician, gaffer, grips, production coordinator, and hair and makeup artist. For a commercial shoot like this one, a grip truck certainly comes in handy, so the Motion Source grip truck made an appearance - complete with lighting and electrical equipment, grip gear, and speciality equipment pieces like a dolly and a jib. It really does take a team, and the right tools, to get the job done!