Ebert Studio

The beautiful thing about working with Ebert Studios--apart from collaborating with their warm and talented staff--was that they share a very similar service philosophy to ours. Much as we tailor our videos to each specific client, the experience and output of Ebert Studios is entirely customized. This harmony of purpose made our collaboration with them feel exceptionally familiar, and yielded one of our favorite video projects to date.

It was extremely important to Ebert Studios that their video express how richly personal their service is. This meant coordinating a large group of clientele to showcase how each Ebert interaction was unique and sincere. It also meant paying special attention to what the lighting design and camera work was communicating: we strove to match the approach to the atmosphere. This brings up an excellent point about how we interface with each and every video production project: it isn’t enough for the content to be on-point, all aspects of the production are intentional. Each and every detail needs to support the mission of the client, and the emotion that they are seeking to evoke. To this end, Ebert is the paragon of the Motion Source difference.

DIRECTOR: Craig Bass     PRODUCER: Steve Brown     EDITOR: Hunter Kallenbach