EON Clinics is a family owned and operated dental implant provider, who is acutely aware of the impact that a beautiful smile can have on their clients’ life. They not only seek to deliver the highest quality implants to their patients, but are focused on offering a comfortable experience that contributes to overall well-being. When EON Clinics reached out to us about creating a series of television commercials and radio spots, it was top priority that these values were highlighted in a powerful, but succinct fashion.

Motion Source and EON Clinics collaborated closely to devise a plan that would accommodate the above-stated goals. The result was an intensive two days of shooting that focused on a combination of client testimonials, statements from the doctors, footage of one of their Chicagoland clinics, and lifestyle segments filmed at a variety of real-world locations. These various components coalesced into a series of commercial pieces that capture the authentic experience of EON Clinics’ craftsmanship and care.

DIRECTOR: Craig Bass    PRODUCER: Steve Brown    EDITOR: Hunter Kallenbach + Jeff Bruninga