The Champagne Bureau
Event Video

When capturing event footage, champagne is generally little more than a prop on-screen. However, when the Champagne Bureau of France commissions an event video, champagne goes from being a background player to being the star of the show. The show in question was one of the many annual tasting events that the Champagne Bureau hosts across the country. In the interests of future promotion, the Bureau engaged Motion Source to create a bubbling sizzle-reel that profiled the excitement and elegance that is, at all times, attendant to this delectable beverage.

The end product features plenty of glamour shots of champagne, to whet your thirst, but also includes docu-style interviews that create a composite of just what it is that champagne means to its connoisseurs. The event itself was a brief affair--only lasting for a few short hours one evening--but the Champagne Bureau now utilizes our distillation of this moment in time for marketing efforts worldwide: further proof that great things can be bottled into a small package.

DIRECTOR: Hunter Kallenbach    EDITOR: Jeff Bruninga