Fairmount Summit
Event Video

When an event needs to show a produced video of the event itself, what do you do? You utilize all hours of the day... and night. We signed-on to create two videos for a three-day Fairmount Santrol Summit by capturing footage during the day, and editing that same footage at night. On the second and third mornings of the summit, a sizzle video was to be shown during breakfast to recap the previous day’s activities.

To accomplish this successfully, we supplied an expert videography crew, complete with a skilled event photographer, and a dedicated editor who worked directly with the client through the night. These sizzle reels were all about capturing the fun and positive energy throughout the day. Presentations from notable speakers, to networking during a sunset cruise, to a welcome reception filled with dancing, were all captured and cut within 24 hours.

DIRECTOR: Hunter Kallenbach     PRODUCER: Michelle Maslanka     EDITOR: Jeff Bruninga