Exact Data
Corporate VIdeo

As humans, we thirst for a deeper knowledge of the people and organizations that we partner with. We want to be able to put names to faces, to create a more personal connection--in short, we want to know who we’re working with!
With this in mind, we collaborated with Exact Data to create a Corporate Overview video that not only highlights their new facility, but gives an inside look at their company culture.

The video’s purpose is twofold: to give a sense of who Exact Data is, as well as to entice potential employees. To accomplish this we combined on-location b-roll that features Exact Data’s bright, open office space and energetic crew; paired with interview testimonials from their employees. The images of employees at work offers a level of transparency that complements the interviews nicely: making the video both informative and approachable.

This type of corporate video is every company’s bread-and-butter, in that it doesn’t just serve to educate on the nuts-and-bolts, but captures a sense of the inherent corporate culture.

DIRECTOR: Brian Ernst     EDITOR: Hunter Kallenbach