Fibre Box Association

With this latest Fibre Box Association project, we learned that there is a lot more to boxes than meets the eye. Our concept stemmed from a desire to better explain to external audiences what the corrugated packaging industry does--and how corrugated materials are made--through engaging videography, and clever post-production magic. We chose to tell the everyday story of a consumer placing an online order and receiving her package; however, there is so much more to the “box’s journey”, and that is where the idea of a meta-style approach came into play.

Combining live-action footage with animation allowed us to tell two stories in one: the live action footage follows the physical delivery and receiving of a package, while the animation, on the other hand, starts much earlier in the process. As the voiceover states "...the real journey begins in a sustainably managed forest," our sketch-style animation commences. We never realized just how much went into making a box. And, after this project, we all have a deeper appreciation for a box’s journey, from forest to front door and beyond!

DIRECTOR: Craig Bass    PRODUCER: Michelle Maslanka    EDITOR: Jeff Bruninga