Focal Point
Product Videos

When Focal Point, a cutting-edge lighting design company, approached Motion Source to produce a product video for one of their new fixtures, we were overjoyed. You’ll have to forgive us, but as a company full of the cinematographically inclined, we are die-hard lighting nerds, and this is really the 

sort of thing that sparks our interest. The focus of this video was to be the company’s brand new, avant-garde fixture, Theory.

Theory is a truly unique product, and deserved a truly unique video. We wanted to create something that outshone all of the other lighting product videos on the market. To do this, we eschewed the standard approaches: hired voice-over, or text call-outs. Both of these techniques tend to be very effective within product videos, and we use them quite often within our own work; however, Theory needed to stand completely apart from the crowd. Theory also had another unique benefit: its designer was a passionate and quietly charismatic fellow by the name of Graham Watt (seriously, Watt). We decided to let Graham tell the story of the product he had so lovingly designed. What resulted was a lighting product video unlike any other.