Corporate Video

A video that highlights a company’s service or product is a request we receive quite often. And that is exactly what HighGround asked for when they reached out to us. They wanted to showcase the ease of use of their employee engagement application in an engaging way! This isn’t a drawn-out step-by-step tutorial; rather, this concise, polished piece hits on high-level features within a real-world scenario.

Together with the client, we crafted a script that follows a newly hired project manager as she begins a job at a startup technology company that uses the HighGround platform. While this employee is the main character, and we see the platform from her perspective, the third-person VO narration allows the audience to also see how the platform works from the perspectives of secondary characters as well, which makes for a more dynamic and well-rounded video. And, integrated graphics give the whole piece a fun and interactive feel.

DIRECTOR: Brian Ernst