HRI- Grilling
Product Videos

You can imagine our excitement when Home Run Inn contacted us about producing promotional video material for their brand: who doesn’t love pizza? First and foremost, Home Run Inn wanted to create a 30-second web commercial that introduced a whole new way to cook their famous frozen pizzas- by grilling them. Summer was swiftly approaching, and as people would soon be firing up their backyard grills, we got to work.

The video itself was filmed on-location, at a residential home. There was originally talk of filming something stylistic within our studio, but we ultimately felt that the real-world environment was the best suited, as it fit the brand’s image of relatability. This last tidbit is key as to how we work with our clients. It is vitally important to us that we not only understand the specific goal of the video, but also the client’s existing brand, so that we are producing a final product that fits snuggly within the parameters of their established marketing voice. But enough business speak; time to eat!