Nonprofit Video

iMentor is an organization that pairs first-generation high-school students with older mentors to assist them with successfully meeting their academic and life goals. When iMentor approached us, other branches of the organization already had videos working for them within their markets. iMentor Chicago needed a powerful piece of their own to showcase the amazing work that was being done in various low income areas in, and around, the city of Chicago.

The actual filming of the project was a blast, as it allowed one of our production crews to return to high-school for a day! We worked closely with a combination of iMentor staff members, as well as school employees, to successfully capture a group of interviews with mentors and mentees, supplementary footage of students going about their day, and an iMentor event to cap off the evening. The interviews and b-roll footage captured allowed for us to stitch together a patchwork of positive stories shared by the mentors and mentees; while carefully designed motion graphics gave us the ability to extol the noteworthy accomplishments of the organization.

DIRECTOR: Craig Bass    EDITOR: Hunter Kallenbach