Corporate VIdeo

Kocsis Technologies, Inc. (KTI) was adamant, from the beginning, that this video needed to be a game-changer, because they fully understood the potential marketing power attached to a professionally-produced, modernized video. And when you work in the engineering and manufacturing of accumulators and hydraulic starters industry, you need impressive footage to live up to your already impressive state-of-the-art facility, as well as the ability to showcase the magnitude of your capabilities. Lucky for them, “impressive footage” is one of our specialties.

One of our star videography teams captured footage throughout the facility’s different departments, from engineering to machining, to inspection and assembly, to painting, delivery, and beyond. With a combination of focused shots and a cinematic approach, the footage was interwoven to guide the audience through the process in an engaging manner. But this was just the beginning.

To take this video to the next level, we knew that integrated graphics and an epic soundtrack would be key ingredients, which is why these items were already in motion prior to any production. Each graphic, boasting the KTI colors, was intentionally fused into specific scenes, with its movement mimicking the action occurring in the shot. The music track became the driving momentum of the video, constructing the overall pace and allowing for creative choices in the edit. And, we were also able to utilize diegetic sound (just a fancy way of saying “actual sound”) from select machines during the dips in music to add authenticity to the musical accompaniment.

DIRECTOR: Craig Bass     PRODUCER: Michelle Maslanka     EDITOR: Brian Ernst