Partytime-HDO Productions
Product Video

When you hear the word “tent” you may think of a typical camping tent, but the Manhattan will have you rethinking the word completely! This special type of tent--or, more accurately, ‘structure’--offered by Partytime-HDO Productions, is used for events across the country: predominantly golf tournaments.

This project took our videography crew to cities like Phoenix and Memphis to capture the Manhattan in use at notable golf tournaments. Combining shots from multiple tournaments, we see a variety of configurations of the structure, from one story to double decker to open air to glass walls, showing off the Manhattan’s versatility. We even incorporated motorized timelapse footage of the build and setup to let the audience catch a sneak peek of what goes into creating this incredible structure. Interviews throughout give insight into just how impressive the Manhattan truly is, and on-screen graphics call out features and benefits in a clean and visually-appealing manner. Products come in all shapes and sizes, and so do product videos, but they all serve the same master: sales.