My Green Mattress

My Green Mattress aims to solve a very specific problem: the production and supply of organic mattresses to the discerning customer. As you can imagine, the majority of the purchasers of this product are families; therefore, it was imperative that their commercial focus on this demographic. However, they also wanted to make a point of how they personally handcraft all of their products at their shop. This meant that we needed to produce a video that served both masters, while appearing seamless. Well, we did just that.

With a day of production at the My Green Mattress warehouse, as well as another day of production in a residential home, we were able to build a double threaded narrative that braided together harmoniously. Showcasing the care and attention that the mattress employees put into crafting their product perfectly fused with relatable footage of a family integrating said product into their lifestyle.

DIRECTOR: Craig Bass     PRODUCER: Michelle Maslanka     EDITOR: Jeff Bruninga