Network of Executive Women
Corporate Video

The Network of Executive Women was seeking to create an anthem video that would unveil new messaging to be promoted by their organization. N.E.W. brought with them a speech that had been given by the network’s CEO, which embodied the essence of this message. Collectively, we decided to employ the approach, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” by adapting the speech into the script for the video. This script was then broken into short segments, each being recited by a different member of the network, resulting in a chorus of voices describing the future direction of the organization.

The true focus of the video was to be on the human element of the organization, which we achieved during a single day of filming at the Motion Source studio in Brookfield, IL. Our large cyclorama wall allowed us to place each participant in an infinite field of white, making them the center of attention, as well as suggesting the wide-open promise of the direction that the organization is moving. From hosting the production, to hair and makeup, to catering services, we truly lived up to our reputation as a one-stop shop.