H Foundation
Nonprofit Videos

As members of the same community, Motion Source and the H Foundation have a long history together. It all began many years ago when we paired with the foundation to create a video for their annual fundraising gala, The Goombay Bash. After the event, we were all blown away when the numbers came out: screening the video prior to their silent auction helped the foundation raise over twice the amount of the previous year--to the tune of $80,000! Recognizing the effectiveness of video to move donors, the foundation once again reached out to Motion Source to produce a new narrative for The Goombay Bash.

To illustrate the devastating impact that cancer has upon the lives of those left behind, we brainstormed the concept of a memory tree: a tree from the branches of which hung photos of those who had been lost. We then interviewed a cross section of the community, each participant having lost a loved one to the disease. Pairing this with elegiac close-up footage of photographs from a happier time, wafting in the breeze, and the mood of loss was captured perfectly. However, as the stories that the H Foundation has helped to write are so often overwhelmingly positive, we included a surprise twist ending that leaves viewers with an undeniable note of hope.