Legacy Guild
Nonprofit Video

Each year, local non-profit The Legacy Guild hosts an annual spring party to raise funding for their organization, which awards college scholarships to high school students in the community who have lost a parent. This annual event is such a vital part of the organization achieving their goal, for, as many of us know far too well, college isn’t cheap. However, for potential donors to agree to participate, it is absolutely necessary that they understand the stories that they will be helping to write.

This idea of “writing stories” was fully embraced when Motion Source and The Legacy Guild put their minds together to generate the concept of utilizing a very special letter to center the video around. This letter was written by a parent whose child had received a Legacy Guild Scholarship, and expressed the profound impact that the organization’s charity had upon her family following the loss of her husband. Utilizing a voice-over narration of the letter’s content, we interwove shots of memories calcified in time: mementos, keepsakes, and photos of the lost loved one. The emotional honesty of our subjects, paired with the cinematic aesthetic of the visuals, left The Legacy Guild with a video that not only taps into the heart of their mission, but also helped to raise over $80,000 in donations at a single event!

DIRECTOR: Craig Bass