Event Videos

PartyTime-HDO started out as a tent rental company many decades past, and has since grown far beyond that descriptor. Nowadays it is far more accurate to describe their products as “temporary structures”, rather than tents. These incredible structures serve as the skyline for a number of prestigious events that range across the United States.

As PartyTime-HDO provides their services to a number of high-end golf events, they decided that it was time to have a video produced that showcased the scope of their work within that market. Having worked with Motion Source in the past, they returned to us with a request to capture the epic scope of their operation. Our videography team was overjoyed when we told them they’d be spending a significant amount of time basking in the sun, while running around golf-courses with camera stabilizers, and motion control time-lapse rigs. The team was filled with even further joy when they found out that a portion of the project would take place in sunny Phoenix, Arizona.

In the end, PartyTime-HDO received a video that they were very happy with, while our team walked away with golden tans: everybody won!

Editor: Jeff Bruninga