Product Video

When the client approached Motion Source, they were looking to create a promotional product video that would make a splash for their line of high-end pool pumps. It shouldn't come as a shock that Chicago isn’t the ideal area to create a promo featuring exceptionally enticing pools, so we had to consider our options, and engage in some creative problem solving. The answer came in the form of a technique known as parallaxing . When a photograph is parallaxed, it is segmented into a variety of layers, which are then set at different depths to be filmed by a virtual camera (please forgive the techiness). Ultimately, this allows you to endow a photograph with the illusion of movement and depth. Pretty cool, right?

If there was one thing that Pentair did have in their arsenal, it was breathtakingly beautiful lifestyle photography from various locations across the United States. We’re talking everything from gorgeous woman perched on infinity pools, to beautiful families splashing around at luxury homes. This photography was the perfect fodder for the above mentioned technique. Not only were we able to create the illusion that these images were moving in stunning slow-motion, but we added some fun little flourishes, like lens-flares and water droplets, to help sell the effect. In the end, we paired these parallaxed clips with polished studio footage of the devices, as well as expertly rendered 3D animations, to produce television commercials that really pumped up their audience!

DIRECTOR: Craig Bass     PRODUCER: Michelle Maslanka     EDITOR: Jeff Bruninga