A revolutionary shoulder rig priced at only $89 with FREE SHIPPING and out performs many of the high priced shoulder rigs.

The Motion Source Shoulder Rig

The Motion Source Shoulder Rig

Shoulder Rig

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About the Shoulder Rig

Shoulder Rig Demo

How To Build A Counterweight

The Motion Source Shoulder Rig is an essential tool for independent filmmakers; especially those just getting into the game. Here at our video production company, our team of exceptionally active filmmakers who had the goal of reinventing the shoulder rig as it is known today. We added the benefits and features that we found lacking in more expensive rigs, and devised a construction plan that allows for the rig to be sold at an unbeatable price point.

In the end, the proof is in the video - we show you tons of shots that we captured with the rig on our video production sets, and then take you behind the scenes to reveal exactly how we got them. We even have a demo reel of the rig being used on a variety of video production projects; including a short film, a music video and a corporate production in Chicago. Heck, we even use this baby as a car rig, which you can also see in that reel.

Give the rig a try if you're in the market and we look forward to seeing how you utilize the rig in your projects. Best of luck and happy film making!