Nonprofit Video

After a successful initial collaboration, Motion Source and The Andrew Weishar Foundation teamed up once more to craft an emotionally stirring fundraising video for the organization’s annual Chicagoland event, Weishfest. While the first video focused on sharing the story of the foundation’s namesake, Andrew, and their mission of “Paying It Forward”, this time around we had the opportunity to work directly with a very special young lady to tell her story. And what an incredible story it is! At a mere 13 years of age, Emma was tasked with bravely battling a condition that most kids her age have never even heard of: leukemia.

Capturing Emma’s story was a responsibility that we did not take lightly; a responsibility that we were honored to have entrusted to us. Wanting to conjure Emma’s experience, and without an actual hospital location to film at, we turned to our studio. With heaps of creativity, we were able to capture strong, tasteful imagery depicting Emma’s diagnosis, and the harrowing trials that she and her family faced.

DIRECTOR: Craig Bass    PRODUCER: Michelle Maslanka    EDITOR: Hunter Kallenbach