French Pastry School
Event Video

When Motion Source was called upon to create an event coverage video for the prestigious French Pastry School, we were incredibly excited; not only because we knew we’d be indulging in world-class sweets and treats, but also because we would be collaborating with globally-recognized artisans who have an intense passion for their craft. Chef Sébastien Canonne, M.O.F. was being decorated as a Chevalier (knight) in the Legion of Honor by the French government in a ceremony taking place at the school’s Chicago headquarters.

As FPS turns out students that venture to all corners of the globe, as well as has an esteemed and established network of friends and peers, they knew that this was an event that many interested parties would not be capable of physically attending: this is where Motion Source came in. We deployed a team of our top videographers to canvas the festivities, capturing the talent, grace and warmth of the proceedings. The night was then capped off by a formal ceremony featuring Chef Sébastien being awarded a medal by the Legion of Honor, and several speeches by dignified colleagues. All of this was wrapped into a 2-minute highlight reel that captured the gravity of the event.

DIRECTOR: Craig Bass     PRODUCER: Michelle Maslanka     EDITOR: Hunter Kallenbach