Event Video

TrendWatching monitors and compiles trends throughout the year, culminating in an end-of-the-year event where they present this information to their guests. The event brings together professionals from various industries--companies ranging from large advertising agencies to small, local businesses--and allows them the opportunity to grow their network while staying on top of how best to incorporate the latest trends.

TrendWatching approached Motion Source in search of a partner for their November 2016 event in Chicago. Wanting to capture event b-roll in a stylish and glossy fashion, we implemented time-lapse, smooth gimbal shots and upbeat music to complement the interview clips with gorgeous shots of the event space and the city itself. While we documented all of the panelists’ presentations, the client also wanted to include some more conversational, man-on-the-street style interviews, not only to recap some of the event topics, but to create a more engaging approach. By incorporating modern techniques and a trendy atmosphere, with a traditional event videography structure, this video bridges the gap between the current and the classic!

DIRECTOR: Brian Ernst  PRODUCER: Michelle Maslanka  EDITOR: Jeff Bruninga +Hunter Kallenbach