The Walgreens photo department offers a multitude of products. So, when they decided to create promotional videos for each, the task was quite sizable: a total of 26 videos, ranging from how-to, to DIY, to gift ideas; featuring photo products and creative ways to use them. We jumped at the chance to collaborate with the photo department at Walgreen’s to make this vision a reality! And, collaboration is the key-word here, as the gorgeous end result would not have been possible without the contributions of the amazing team at Walgreen’s, as well as an exceptional group of prop and wardrobe stylists.

As total control of the aesthetic was required, we opted to film all but 3 of the resultant videos in our very own full-service video production studio. The strongest cinemagraphic element of this aesthetic was the choice of an overhead camera angle, allowing for a very graphic and whimsical presentation. During post-production, an upbeat musical track and custom graphics were added to each of the videos, so as to tie the entire vision together.

The fruits of our collective labor are now hosted on the Walgreens YouTube page, as well as various social media sites. Through these channels--we are proud to report--the videos have garnered thousands and thousands of views. But, perhaps most importantly, they have helped to frame Walgreens’ photo products in a new light (alright, we couldn’t resist the pun).

DIRECTOR: Craig Bass    PRODUCER: Michelle Maslanka    EDITOR: Jeff Bruninga + Hunter Kallenbach