Walgreens - Photo Displays

When Walgreens' photo department approached us about creating promotional videos for their products, the task was no small order. They were seeking to turn out 26 videos focusing on everything from DIY home decorating ideas, to last minute gift ideas. First and foremost, both teams agreed upon the importance of developing a template to which all videos would adhere--both, to promote consistency, and maintain a unified brand aesthetic. So, we put our brains together, and generated a concept that was rich with color and played heavily with a point-of-view perspective: something that looked modern, but retained a traditional lifestyle feeling.

Over the course of a handful of weeks, dedicated production and styling teams worked together to craft the 26 total videos in a blisteringly efficient manner. Much of this efficiency was accomplished via the utilization of the Motion Source studio, which played host to the majority of filming. Props and wardrobe abounded amongst a bustling collection of fun-loving craftsman, all pulling together to execute quality in a limited timeframe. At the end of the run the team was exhausted, but in that very pleasant we-got-some-serious-stuff-done way!

DIRECTOR: Craig Bass    PRODUCER: Michelle Maslanka    EDITOR: Jeff Bruninga + Hunter Kallenbach