10 Ways Manufacturers Use Video
December 05, 2014
By john scaletta • President

1. Profile Video

This is the main video on a company website and it professionally explains who you are and what you do. Remember, first impressions are everything especially when you get a potential prospect on your website and when they have an option to watch a video; they do it!

BENEFIT: Keeps your prospects interest while explaining who you are and what you do.

2. Demonstration Video

This is the most popular video requested by manufacturers because it's the most popular requested by their customers. Prospects want to see how a machine works and there is no better way to do it than video. Video enhances the viewers experience with voice-over, music, text, graphics, statistics, photos and even clickable links to learn more or get a quote.

BENEFIT: It's the perfect sales pitch every time!

3. Training Videos

A lot of time goes into training employees and it must be done right every time or it could be a liability. When a manufacturer invests in training videos these videos serve not only as the best and most complete way to train but it allows for new hires to train on their own.

BENEFIT: Saves time and reduces liability

4. On Product QR codes

Unfortunately every machine has some downtime and this poses a problem for both the customer and the manufacturer. Getting that machine up and running is vital and many times there's an easy solution and that can be explained in a video and the best place to show that video is right on the machine itself via a simple QR code played back on a smart phone. An operator can swipe the QR code to view how to fix the problem without alerting his supervisor and with very little down time on the line.

BENEFIT: Enhances your ads getting you more sales

5. Video Advertising

With the use of QR codes ads in magazines or brochures can now come alive. When prospects are reading your advertising materials they have the option of swiping a QR code to learn more right then and there with their smart phone. In addition, banner ads are now video friendly. When prospects are searching the web and see a banner ad targeted to their interest that ad can be a video. MeatingPlace is now using video banner ads on their websites to get manufacturers just like you more leads and more sales.

BENEFIT: Enhances your ads getting you more sales

6. Web Video Marketing

Web Video marketing is the process of creating good content videos that educate potential customers on some of the questions they may have about purchasing a product. When you answer these questions, give tips and educate you become not only the expert in the industry but a trusted friend. Many companies producing Youtube libraries of these types of videos and after properly titling, and tagging them they are easily found by prospects and then they are lead back to your website for additional information or a quote.

BENEFIT: Gives you more web exposure and helps customers discover your company.

7. Testimonial Videos

The best way to sell a customer is when they hear it from someone the horses mouth. It's much more credible when you have someone that doesn't work for your company singing your products praises. We find when customers are happy with your products they love to give video testimonials.

BENEFIT: Give your company credibility leading to more sales.

8. Case Study Videos

Show prospects how your products solved a problem or added benefits in a situation that they can relate to. A video case study takes a particular customer case and in their own words the customer tells their story of "here was our challenge and here is how this manufacturer solved it". These videos are extremely powerful because they are true to life mini documentaries and inspire others to take action.

BENEFIT: Give your company credibility leading to more sales.

9. Company Meeting Videos

Over the last few years we see more and more companies open up an internal meeting with a funny video. These videos serve as a way to break the ice and get everybody in a good mood and when we say a fun video we mean it. Executives are loosening up their ties and creating funny videos that put themselves out there for the employees to see they are reachable and part of the team. A video  we created for Tampico Beverage received it's first standing ovation when the executives basically made their points in a much more comical fashion.

BENEFIT: Builds camaraderie within a company both at the meeting and while the video is being made it serves as a team building project.