Apple-1 Themed Short Film “iDig” Released the Same Week as Christie’s Auctions Off The Very First Apple-1
December 10, 2014
By john scaletta • President

iDig The Film Productions, LLC. is proud to announce that the short film iDig has been released for public viewing. Motion Source Video Production donated film equipment used for this production. 

Here is the trailer for the film. 

To watch the complete film CLICK HERE.

With the film festival season now complete the film is ready for its big debut on the web. The plot of the film is centered around an original Apple 1 computer, see full film synopsis below. An original Apple 1 is being auctioned off at Christie’s in New York City this week on Thursday December 11th. The antique piece of Apple memorabilia is expected to sell between $400,000 and $600,000 before the auction is complete; but who knows? In October 2014, an original Apple 1 sold at auction for $905,000 and previously another one sold for $387,750. The final price of this week’s auction will be determined soon but leading up to the event you can check out this short film which is based around the excitement of potentially finding the Apple memorabilia goldmine of an Apple 1 computer. These original Apple 1’s were hand built in Steve Job’s parent’s garage and even though 200 were originally manufactured it is believed that there are only 15 still in existence today. 

The short film was written and directed by John Scaletta and Craig Bass, co-owners at Motion Source Video Production. In October 2012, the first day of filming took place in the woods of Burr Ridge, IL and the last shot was wrapped in January 2014. During the entire time of filming our editors were continuously cutting away. As they say “half the fun is getting there” and that stands true with the making of “iDig”. It took a lot of friends, a lot of favors, and a community with a lot of resources to create this film. As pleased as we are with the final production, it was the process of making it that we really had fun with.

Film Synopsis:

A victim of the current economy, Doug hatches a plan to end all of his financial woes. You see, back in 1976 Doug's grade school, along with countless others across the United States, buried time capsules in honor of the nation's bicentennial. The difference is, the one Doug's class buried contained the first computer that Apple ever designed, the Apple 1, now worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Enlisting a socially challenged former friend, and saddled with the onetime class bully, Doug sets out to unearth the capsule. However, he's about to find out why history is best left in the past.

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