Motion Source is proud to announce our first film gear product!
November 05, 2013
By john scaletta • President

 At Motion Source, our staff is passionate about the work we do. Aside from doing video production at work, many of our team members are independent filmmakers as well. Quite often members of our staff will borrow expensive pieces of equipment from our inventory to use on their personal projects. We love providing our team members with the tools they need for their own projects but we have been looking for a way to expand this “Sharing of Love.” That idea was the beginning of a long project that has culminated into our first film gear product: The Motion Source Shoulder Rig.

One of the most requested pieces of equipment our crew members ask for is a camera shoulder rig. This tool is a vital piece of equipment for any film production. Currently on the market a good shoulder rig is priced at around $1000 which makes it a budget buster for most independent filmmakers. Our goal with the creation of The Motion Source Shoulder Rig was to create a quality shoulder rig with all the features of the more expensive ones but make the price be less than $100. You can see the results of our efforts, get more details about the project, and find out how you can purchase your own Motion Source Shoulder Rig by clicking here.

We couldn’t be more proud of our team and we hope this launch will prove that with good design and a centered focus we can “share the love” with filmmakers around the world.

This Kickstarter campaign also allows for project backers to share the love by donating a brand new shoulder rig to a local Chicago film school. With a donation of just $29, which will be matched by Motion Source, you can help students succeed in school and follow their passion for filmmaking. 

To learn more click here.