Apple 1 spotted in Starbucks!
August 27, 2013
By john scaletta • President

As common as it is to see people working on Apple devices as they sip their coffee it's not everyday you see an Apple 1. So when we stopped in the Starbucks below our studio with our Apple1 from the Motion Source's short film "iDig" we got some strange looks. As you may know the original Apple 1 did not come with a monitor, heck it didn't even come with a case...customers had to build their own or pay the boys in the California garage to supply one. We used one of Apple's latest devices the iPad to serve as a monitor of their oldest and rarest the Apple 1 and "presto" didn't work, but it looked pretty cool.

The first day of filming was December 2nd of 2012 and we're now nearing the 9th inning of the game and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We're hoping to have iDig ready for submission to the Sundance Film Festival by the middle of September.


Check back for the movie trailer...coming soon!