30 Ways to Use One Video: #3 BLOGGING
July 07, 2015
By Chris Pagoria • Project Manager

Our team here at Motion Source wrote an e-Book titled 30 Ways to Use One Video. The idea is to try and find ways to get the most “mileage” out of your video and the maximum return on your marketing investment.  Our e-Book includes what we believe to be the top 30 ideas that are relevant to our clients but we’re always finding new ways to use the same video; and then we pass this information along to our clients. This blog post will detail just one of the entries to the list. Entry #3: BLOGGING

If you would like a copy of our complete CLICK HERE.


Bring your blog posts to life with video.

Use your new video as the subject of the next blog entry at your company. The production of a video is an exciting process for any organization, and is absolutely something worth writing about. Include followers of your blog in on this excitement by documenting the details of the “shooting day.”

Ideas include:

  • You could tell the story about making the video, or talk about how you are using the video.
  • You could post behind the scenes photographs, and ask that employees submit positive comments about their experience with the production.
  • Include quotes on the feedback you have received about your new video as a dash of valuable social proof to energize your team.

This not only increases the level of quality blog content for visitors, but also serves the function of promoting internal engagement and attachment.

Research from the SEO experts at Moz.com found that posts that contain video receive 3 times more inbound links than plain text postings. Add a few images and a list format along with the video, and your post could see, on average, 6 times the inbound links.

And don’t forget about Guest Blogging! When writing a guest blog post, or if you are quoted in an article, send the publisher your organization’s video. They might embed it directly into the article, or put it on your bio page.

As proof of concept, here is a link to a guest blog post written by Motion Source Creative Director Craig Bass and included in the post is Motion Source’s profile video. The post was written for Noobpreneur.com about How to Use Video to Build Trust.