Interview-based, Voiceover, Text, Visuals Only: How to choose?
May 15, 2015
By Chris Pagoria • Project Manager

We often get phone calls from people seeking to make a video for their organization but they don't know exactly what they want. They know they need a video, they know how they are going to use the video to promote their organization and sometimes they even have a full plan on the messaging of the video. One question that we always ask is "how do you want to deliver the message?"

You can deliver video messaging through a variety of methods from strictly visuals that "tell the story" to text on screen to interviews to scripted reads to voice over recordings and many more. It is important that you choose a style that will help accomplish your video goal while also staying true to your organization's branding. 

Visuals Only

Here is a great example of a strictly visual piece we made for Coca Cola. It tells a complete story just through actions alone. 

Add Some Text

After strictly visual the next evolution is sometimes just subtle text on screen. This allows for more specific messaging and confirms that your marketing message is clear and succinct. This video, which we created to help promote Summerfest in Milwaukee, gives event details as a closing billboard and throughout the video their are some inclusions of text that promotes branded messaging for the event. 

Professional Voiceover Artist

A voice over recording can be used for many types of videos from TV commercials to training videos and many more. The power of the voiceover artist is that you can create a high level video while never being forced to put a face to your brand. A voice over recording video can elevate your brand, it is the high level style. And of course we always recommend utilizing a professional voice talent to complete the recording. While you may think that you can use someone in-house and that it doesn't matter what the voice sounds like ... it does! We use high end HD cameras, a professionally composed music track and then when you use "just any voice" it brings down the video overall. Using a professional voice talent to record your script is a relatively inexpensive cost but it brings exponentially more value to your final video. The video below was a product video we created for HistoryLines, a software start-up launching their new website.

Scripted Read

A scripted read is a technique we use from time to time to deliver critical information that must be read exactly how it is designed. This may be in a training video for instance that for legal reasons staff must be told certain things exactly. It might also be in a corporate video shared with the public that the information needs to be described in the most accurate way possible. Now you could use a voice over artist to achieve the same goal but with an on-camera scripted read you are putting a face to your brand and achieving a more humanized look to your video. Sometimes this message can be delivered by a representative from your company, who is well versed in public speaking, and sometimes our clients look to use to hire a professional spokesperson to deliver the message. In this video below we used a combination of voice over recording from a voice talent and the CEO of Phillips Medisize on camera doing a scripted read. 


Finally, our most popular style of video: interview-based. With an interview based video concept we are hearing sound bites from key team members within an organization. The process to complete these videos has been developed by our team whose background comes from documentary filmmaking. First we work with the client to develop a list of topics and messaging that they would like included in their video. We then take that list and further refine the topics and concepts into concrete questions for the interview. We then conduct the interviews. Finally our editing team sorts through the interviews and pulls the best sound bites from each to weave together a complete story. Below is a Profile Style video for Interpro Translation Solutions that features the interview style concept.