Client Video Spotlight: National Consumers League
October 29, 2014
By Chris Pagoria • Marketing Manager

Earlier this month we completed a video project for the National Consumers League. NCL is a private, nonprofit advocacy group that represents consumers both in the marketplace and in the work place. Motion Source completed a video project for their #DataInsecurity Project; a project designed to raise awareness about the need for reforms aimed at better protecting consumer data. This advocacy video will be used to both education consumers and lawmakers and hopefully cause changes to be made in data regulation. Check out the complete video below. 

For the production of this project we flew our crew out to Washington D.C. to capture the interview footage that would supplement the b-roll footage for this video. We were also able to include clips from news reports, photographs and headlines from written articles. This project was an exciting one for our team because the content was extremely timely and relevant to a wide range of consumers. In some ways we felt more like a news organization producing coverage on the topic that a traditional video production company that usually strives to be creating evergreen content videos. 

To find the article written by the National Consumers League about the video we produced click on the link below.